Thursday, 8 November 2012

Wanted Wife? No Problem Just Do This Trick

An Unmarried Man Wrote His Status On Facebook As: "Wanted Wife" Two Girls Like It. . . . And 10,000 Men Commented: "Please Take Ours"

Example Of A Clever & Smart Husband

I Sent A Text To My Wife Last Night: “Hi Babe I’m At The Pub With Some Lads, Please Try And Wash All My Dirty Clothes And Make Sure You Prepare My Favourite Dish Before I Return.
I Sent Another Text: “Babe I Forgot To Tell You That I Got An Increase In My Salary At The End Of The Month I’m Getting You A New Car
She Text Back In One Second: “OMG Really?
I Replied: “No I Just Wanted To Make Sure You Got My First Message.

What Girls And Boys Wanted

Fact Of Girl And Boy:
Every Girl Wants A Bad Boy Who Will Be Good Just For Her,
Every Boy Wants A Good Girl Who Will Be Bad Just For Him.

Which Is The Fastest Thing In The World?

Four Guys, From Harvard, Yale, MIT And Santa Singh From Punjab University Were To Be Interviewed For A Prestigious Job.
One Common Question Was Asked To All Of Them.
Interviewer: “Which Is The Fastest Thing In The World?
Yale Guy: “Its Light, Nothing Can Travel Faster Than Light
Harvard Guy: “It’s The Thought, Because Thought Is So Fast It Comes Instantly In Your Mind.
MIT Guy: “Its Blink, You Can Blink And Its Hard To Realize You Blinked.
Santa Singh: “Its Loose Motion.
Interviewer Shocked To Hear Santa’s Reply, Asked: “Why?
Santa Singh: “Last Night After Dinner, I Was Laying In My Bed And I Got The Worst Stomach Cramps, And Before I Could Think, Blink Or Turn On The Lights, It Was Over